Pocoyo (also known as Let's Go Pocoyo in the third season) is a British-Spanish CGI animated series for children created by Guillermo Garcia, Luis Gallego, and David Cantolla.


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Character name English voice actor
Pocoyo (Pocoyo) - head.png Pocoyo United Kingdom Alex Marty (season 1)
English phonetics missing United Kingdom Montana Smedley (season 2)
United States Isabella Foy (season 3)
  United States Gigi Hart (season 4)
Pato (Pocoyo) - head.png Pato
English phonetics missing
Elly (Pocoyo) - head.png Elly
English phonetics missing
Loula (Pocoyo) - head.png Loula
English phonetics missing
300px Sleepy Bird
English phonetics missing
300px Nina United States Noelia Rodríguez
English phonetics missing
United Kingdom Stephen Fry (seasons 1-2)
United States Stephen Hughes (seasons 3-4)
300px Fred the Octopus
English phonetics missing
300px Baby Bird
English phonetics missing
300px Caterpillar
English phonetics missing

International versions

Language Title Channels
Pocoyo - logo (Albanian).png Albanian
Pokojo Bang Bang (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Albanian
(Studio Dodona)
Pokojo RTSH Fëmijë
Pocoyo.png Arabic
شادي الصغير Baraem (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Arabic
(Venus Centre)
بوكويو Spacetoon
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Crimean Tatar
Покайо Lâle
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Croatian Pocoyo Nova TV
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Danish Pocoyo Playhouse Disney (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Esperanto Pokojo' unknown
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Finnish Pocoyo YLE TV2
Pocoyo - logo (English).png French Pocoyo Nickelodeon Junior (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png German Pocoyo KIKA
Pocoyo - logo (Hebrew).jpg Hebrew פוקויו Hop! Channel
Luli TV
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Hungarian Pocoyo M2
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Indonesian Pocoyo Disney Junior (formerly)[unverified]
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Irish Pocoyo TG4 (Cúla4 na nÓg block, formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Italian Pocoyo Rai Yoyo
Pocoyo - logo (Japanese).png Japanese ぽこよ WOWOW (formerly)
Tokyo MX (formerly)
TV Osaka (formerly)
World Hi-Vision Channel (formerly)
Pocoyo EBS korean logo.png Korean
호기심 대장 포코요 EBS (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (Korean).png Korean
포코요 Netflix
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Malay Pocoyo Disney Junior (formerly)[unverified]
Pocoyo - logo (Chinese).png Mandarin (China) 小P优优
Playhouse Disney (formerly)
YOYOTV (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Mandarin (Taiwan) 小小的我 Iquyi
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Norwegian Pocoyo NRK
Pocoyo - logo (Persian).png Persian
پوکویو IRIB Pooya
Unknown - head.png Persian
(GEM TV Group)
پوکویو GEM Junior
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Polish Pocoyo TVP1 (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Portuguese (Brazil) Pocoyo Discovery Kids (formerly)
TV Cultura (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Portuguese (Portugal) Pocoyo RTP2 (formerly)
Canal Panda
Pocoyo - logo (Russian).png Russian Покойо Karusel
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Serbian Pokojo Happy TV (formerly)
TV Košava (formerly)
Mini Ultra TV (formerly)
Pink Super Kids (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Slovak Pocoyo Jednotka
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Spanish (Latin America) Pocoyó Discovery Kids (formerly)
Canal 5 (formerly)
Canal Once (formerly)
Azteca 7
Univisión (formerly)
PBS Kids (via SAP)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Spanish (Spain) Pocoyo La 2
Boomerang (formerly)
Clan TV
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Swedish Pocoyo SVT Barnkanalen
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Thai Pocoyo Disney Junior (formerly)[unverified]
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Turkish Pocoyo Minika Çocuk (formerly)
Yumurcak TV (formerly)
Kidz TV (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Uzbek
Chin do'stlar Bolajon (formerly)
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Vietnamese
Pocoyo Disney Junior (formerly)[unverified]

Title translations

Language Title Channels
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Cantonese 小小的我 TVB Jade
Pocoyo - logo (English).png Mandarin (Taiwan) Pocoyo YOYOTV


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