My Little Pony: Przyjaźń to magia is the Polish dub of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that is airing on MiniMini+, teleTOON+, TVP abc and Polsat JimJam.



Starting from 2011-10-15, "My Little Pony: Przyjaźń to magia" airs on MiniMini. In 2011-11-11, soon after the initial run of season 1 episodes, the channel was renamed to MiniMini+ and since then it is available in both SD and HD versions.


This channel does not air "My Little Pony: Przyjaźń to magia" on regular schedule. Instead it had occasionally shown first two episodes of season 4. First known time it was done so was on 2014-09-13.

TVP abc

On 2015-10-24 the show was shown for the first time on TVP abc, the largest children TV channel in Poland. Two whole seasons will be shown. The initial run skipped episode 11, which was shown on 2015-12-19 – at the same time being the last episode before the show was replaced by The Littlest Pet Shop. Despite the announcement advert containing one scene from the first episode of season 3, it wasn't shown on this channel for a very long time.

The show later returned on 2016-03-01 on a different timeslot, showing the episodes from the first two seasons back from the beginning. Season three debuted on 2016-10-21 and it will be immediately followed by the premiere of season four.

This channel is only available in SD quality.

Polsat JimJam

Polsat JimJam is airing the show starting from 2016-11-01. This channel is only available in SD quality.


Season Episodes Flag of Poland Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale Channel
  1 26 2011-10-15 2011-11-10 MiniMini
  2 26 2012-10-27 2012-11-22 MiniMini+
  3 13 2013-05-20 2013-06-01
  4 26 2014-06-01 2014-09-25
  5 26 2015-09-01 2016-01-29
  6 26 2016-05-28 2016-11-20
  7 26 2017-06-01 2017-11-08
  Film 2017-10-06
  8 26 2018-05-25 2018-09-26 MiniMini+
  Holiday Special 2018-11-25 Netflix
  9 2 2019-06-08



  • Seasons 1–5 have been released on DVDs.

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