Maya the Bee is a Belgian–German–French animated TV series.


Maya is a little bee like no other. Non-conformist and thirsty for adventure, she left the hive to live in the meadow, free like a...bee. The world is just too big and too fascinating to remain confined to the restricted life of the hive. For her, the natural beauties of the world are an endless delight for the senses! Her courage, wits and insatiable curiosity will lead her off the beaten track as she wonders at the joys and hitches of life along the way. Together with her best friends, Flip and Willy, she explores a wonderful world, full of magic and unexpected encounters.

Channel history

In Australia, Maya the Bee airs on ABC2 with a G rating. In the United Kingdom, Maya the Bee debuted on Tiny Pop in 2013. The intro has been shortened for unknown reasons. In the United States, Maya the Bee debuted on Netflix in 2012. Three years later, the show was licensed to be broadcast on Sprout with a TV-Y rating (NR on Optimum's TV guide). The original Belgian-recorded intro has been redubbed by a much older sounding voice, meanwhile retaining the original episode dialogue recording.


Character name English voice actor
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International versions

Language Title Channels
Maya the Bee (2012) - logo (Albanian) Albanian Bleta Maja Çufo
Maya the Bee (2012) - logo (Arabic) Arabic زينة Baraem
Maya the Bee (2012) Armenian
Մայա մեղվի նոր արկածները Lime TV (Baby Lime block, formerly)
150px Basque Maya erlea Hiru3
Maya the Bee (2011) - logo (Serbian) Bosnian Pčelica Maja Program Plus
Maya the Bee (2012) Bulgarian
Пчеличката Мая Super7 (formerly)
Maya the Bee (2012) Catalan L'Abella Maia Super3
Maya the Bee (2011) - logo (Serbian) Croatian Pčelica Maja Nova TV
Mini TV
Hayat TV
(Hayatovci block)
Maya the Bee (2011) - logo (Czech) Czech Včelka Mája Česká televize
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Dutch logo Dutch Maja de bij Zappelin
Maya the Bee (2012) Estonian
Mesilane Maia ETV2
Maya the Bee - logo (Finnish) Finnish Maija mehiläinen MTV Juniori
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Dutch logo Dutch (Belgium) Maja de bij vtmKZOOM
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - French logo French Maya l'abeille TF1
Canal J
Kidz RTL
TV5 Monde
Maya the Bee (2012) Galician A abella Maia tvG2
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - German logo German Die Biene Maja ZDF
ORF eins
Maya the Bee (2012) Greek Μαγια η μέλισσα Star Channel
Smile TV
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Hebrew logo Hebrew הַדְבוֹרָה מַאיָה Hop!
Maya the Bee (2012) Hindi Maya - The Bee Discovery Kids
Maya the Bee (2012) Hungarian Maja a méhecske M2
Maya the Bee - 2011 logo (Icelandic) Icelandic Mæja býfluga Stöð 2
Maya the Bee (2012) Indonesian Maya the Bee Disney Junior [unverified]
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Italian logo Italian L'ape Maia Rai 2
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Irish logo Irish Maya an Bheachín Cúla 4
Maya the Bee (2012) Japanese みつばちマーヤ Disney Junior
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Kazakh logo Kazakh Майя Balapan
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Korean logo Korean 마야의 모험 EBS
Maya the Bee (2012) Lithuanian
Bitė Maja LRT
Maya the Bee (2012) Latvian
Bitīte Maija LTV1
Maya the Bee (2012) Macedonian Пчеличката Маја Telma
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Taiwanese Mandarin logo Mandarin (Taiwan) 小蜜蜂瑪雅 MOMO親子台
Maya the Bee (2011) - logo (Norwegian) Norwegian Bien Maja NRK Super
Maya the Bee - 2012 logo (Polish) Polish Pszczółka Maja MiniMini+
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Brazilian Portuguese logo Portuguese (Brazil) A Abelha Maya Disney Junior (formerly)
Netflix (BR)
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - European Portuguese logo Portuguese (Portugal) Abelha Maia Canal Panda
Maya the Bee (2010) - logo (Romanian) Romanian Albinuța Maya ProTV (formerly)
TVR1 (formerly)
Maya the Bee (2010) - logo (Russian) Russian Новые приключения пчёлки Майи Karusel (season 1)
TiJi (season 2)
Maya the Bee (2011) - logo (Serbian) Serbian Pčelica Maja Mini
Happy TV
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Slovak logo Slovak Včielka Maja RTVS1
150px Slovene Čebelica Maja RTD Pop
Maya the Bee (2012) Spanish (Latin America) La abeja Maya Disney Junior (formerly)
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Castilian Spanish logo Spanish (Spain) La abeja Maya Clan
Maya the Bee (2012 TV series) - Swedish logo Swedish Biet Maya SVT Barnkanalen
Maya the Bee (2012) - logo (Turkish) Turkish Arı Maya TRT Çocuk
Maya the Bee (2012) Ukrainian Бджілка Майя PlusPlus
Maya the Bee (2012) Vietnamese Cuộc Phiêu Lưu Của Ong Maya Disney Junior


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