Galaxia Wander is the Latin American Spanish dub of Wander Over Yonder that is airing on Disney Channel.

Channel history

Disney Channel

Disney Channel aired the episode "The Picnic" (El picnic) on 2013-12-31 as a VIP preview on Disney Channel.[1] It premiered on Disney Channel on 2014-02-08.[2] The first 14 episodes aired on weekends, but starting from episode 15 they air on Fridays. This version is included on Disney XD's SAP system in America.


Character name Spanish voice actor
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English name Latin American name Latin American actor
Wander Wander Gabriel Ramos [3]
Sylvia Sylvia Claudia Pannone
Lord Hater Lord Hater Javier Gómez
Commander Peepers Commander Peepers Diego Brizzi (episodes 1 – 6)
Alejandro Graue (episodes 7 – present)
Watchdogs Furioguardias [4] René Sagastume
Diego Brizzi
Pablo Gandolfo
Demián Rochwerger
Alejandro Graue
Emperor Awesome Emperador Asombroso [5] Martín Gopar
King Bingleborp Rey de Muchoamoropólis Pablo Gandolfo
Celestial Being Ser Celestial unknown
Rock Lady unknown
Balloon Guy Hombre Globo [6] Pablo Gandolfo [unverified]
Fleeblebort Fleeblebort Alejandro Graue
Captain Tim Capitán Tim unknown
Tim Tim René Sagastume
Badlands Dan Mala Onda Dan [7] René Sagastume
Prince Cashmere Príncipe Cashimira Martín Gopar
Troll Troll Pablo Gandolfo
Lord of Illumination Señor de la Iluminación Martín Gopar
Glen Glen Sergio Bermejo
Westley Westley el furioguardia Jorge Riveros


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  7. "Bad Man Dan"