Društvance za dvorištvance (or simply Dvorištvance) is the Serbian dub of The Backyardigans. It has previously aired on Ultra and it is currently airing on Mini.

Channel history


Društvance za dvorištvance was broadcasted on Ultra in 2010 and was removed from the schedule in the same year.


In 2014, Društvance za dvorištvance started broadcasting on Mini, a channel run by the same company. It was removed from the schedule, and placed on hiatus in 2015. On 2016-03-21, the show was placed back into the channel lineup, with new season 3 and 4 episodes.



  • This is the second dub to feature a dubber who portrays more than one character; the first being the second Polish dub.
  • The first ten episodes of season 1 are released on DVDs.
  • The episode's songs have initially been dubbed, but, from episode 10 to the twelfth episode in the third season, the songs were now in the English, with Serbian subtitles, which the dubbing studio Loudworks is responsible for. It has been rumored that Mini broadcast the episode unedited, with the songs supposedly dubbed. After the twelfth episode, the subsequent episodes dubbed the songs, since another dubbing studio, Blue House, picked up where Loudworks left off.
  • The main characters, except Tyrone, have their names altered to a term that derives, or relates to a trait, from their respective species;
    • Nilka derives from nilski konj (hippo),
    • Kljuca derives from kljun (a beak of a penguin),
    • Skoča derives from skok, which refers to the hop of a kangaroo,
    • Čudance is a direct equivalent to Uniqua, as the term derives from čudan (unique)
    • Telibor is a portmanteau of the word tele (young moose; calf) and the name Dalibor.
  • The theme song and end song are the only two songs to have the dialogue cast sing, instead of the assigned musical vocals.
  • Up to the twelfth episode in season 3, the intro and end song was only sung by Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha's speaking voice portrayers, Marina Kutlešić, Aleksa Petrović and Mina Nenadović.

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