مهرتي الصغيرة: الصداقة رائعة (formerly known as مهرتي الصغيرة on Boomerang and ماي ليتل بوني on Cartoon Network) is the Arabic dub of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It has previously aired on Cartoon Network Arabic and Spacetoon, and it is currently airing on e-Junior and Boomerang Arabic; it is also available online on STARZ Play and Cinemachi Kids.

Channel history

CN Arabia (season 1)

Cartoon Network Arabia has never aired any new episodes beyond season one after episode 25 "Party of One" (the season finale never aired) debuted in 2012-04. The dub started airing on 2011-10-06.[2] It lasted on there for one season until it was eventually dropped from circulation in 2014-03. The dub then moved to channels, Spacetoon and e-Junior.[3][4] No other channel is known to air the episodes from season 1 onto their channel. Instead, they move on to season 2 and onward. This is most likely because CN Arabia still hold the rights to this dub.[5]

Spacetoon (seasons 2 & 3)

Spacetoon airs episodes from seasons 2 and 3 as of 2015-01. The show is heavily edited on Spacetoon due to the company's extreme censorship policies based on religious and political reasons. A few episodes didn't air on the channel at all.[6]

e-Junior (seasons 2–5)

As of 2015-10, all episodes from season 2–5 were aired in both English and Arabic on e-Junior, as the channel supports multiple audio streams.[7]

Boomerang (season 2)

Accordingly, Boomerang aired season 2 of the dub under the name مهرتي الصغيرة.[8]


Other translations

Winona - وينونا (Wīnōnā)
Angel - إنجل (ʾEnjil)
Opalescence - أوباليسينس (ʾŌbālēsīns)
Gummy - غامي (Ġāmī)
Philomena - فيلومينا (Fīlōmēnā)
Owlowiscious - أوليشيوس (ʾAwlīšiyūs)
Elements of Harmony - عناصر الانسجام (ʿAnāṣir al-ʾInsiǧām)
Cutie marks - العلامة المميزة (الكيونيمارك) (Al-ʿalamāẗ al-mumayyizaẗ (alkywnymark))
Cutie Mark Crusaders - نادي العلامة المميزة (Nādī al-ʿAlamāẗ al-Mumayyizaẗ)

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