عالم غامبول المدهش (stylized as عالم Gumball المدهش) is the Arabic dub of The Amazing World of Gumball that is airing on Cartoon Network Arabic.

Channel history

Cartoon Network Arabic

Cartoon Network Arabic airs عالم غامبول المدهش. Its air date was 2011-10-06, 5 months and 3 days after its premiere in America).[1]


Character name Arabic voice actor
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عمر حكيم as Gumball Watterson (first season)
هادي بيضون as Gumball Watterson (second season)
حسن مهدي as Gumball Watterson (third season in the episode The Voice)
غدي حكيم as Darwin Watterson (first season)
محمد كعكاتي as Darwin Watterson (second season)
كارين عودة as Anais Watterson
جيهان الملا as as Nicole Watterson
طوني عاد as Richard Watterson (first season) and Banana Joe
فؤاد شمص as Richard Watterson (season two)
ريتشارد يني as Mr. Small (first season), Rocky (first season), Darwin (third season in the episode The Voice)
شربل أيوب as Principle Brown, Mr. Robinson, Tina Rex, and Mr. Small (second season)
عماد فغالي as Rocky (second season) and Mr. Small (third season)
زينة ضاهر as Miss Simian (first season), Penny Fitzgerald (first season), and Granny Jojo
سيلفانا فلفلة as Penny Fitzgerald (second season) and Miss Simian (second season)
فادي الرفاعي as Mr. Fitzgerald
عفيف شيا as Coach
جورج طويل
إبراهيم ماضي
جورج أبو سلبي
رنا الرفاعي

Character translations

Watterson family

Gumball Watterson - غامبول واترسون
Darwin Watterson - داروين واترسون
Anais Watterson - أناييس واترسون
Nicole Watterson - نيكول واترسون
Richard Watterson - ريتشارد واترسون

Elmore Junior High

Penny Fitzgerald: بيني فولة
Tina Rex: تينا ريكس
Ocho: أوشو

Dictionary terms

Elmore Junior High - مدرسة إلمور